Are you struggling to lose unwanted body fat and/or gain lean muscle?

Do you feel powerless when it comes to addressing your heart health, blood sugar, blood pressure and hypertension?

Maybe you even have spent hours in front of the computer watching videos and reading forums on the “perfect” diet for weight loss and blood sugar control only to have the scale fluctuate up and down, again and again.

Let’s take charge of body composition, blood sugar and blood pressure levels and realize that while common pharmaceuticals may be needed in the short term, they shouldn’t be a life sentence!

Here’s a list of common conditions that we address in the Cardiometabolic Solutions Lifestyle Medicine Program:

If you have one or more of these health challenges, we invite you to join our Cardiometabolic Solutions Lifestyle Medicine Program to learn natural approaches to addressing blood sugar, blood pressure, and overweight/obesity challenges.

The Cardiometabolic Solutions Lifestyle Medicine Program includes access to our on-demand video educational sessions taught by Dr. Libert.

Here are the topics for 12 video educational sessions:

Are you ready to take the journey to reverse risk factors for chronic disease, lose unwanted body fat & gain lean muscle? Enroll in the  Cardiometabolic Solutions Lifestyle Medicine Program today!

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